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A monthly, themed digital magazine packed with advice, news, resources, support and real life stories. 

Modern and straightforward, the magazine full of energy and 'pausitivity'!

the menopausitivity magazine

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read the current issue!

the magazine is returning summer 2024!

It should be easy for you to find the support you need, as each magazine has a specific main topic each month for example December was 'HOT' and January is 'NEW BEGINNINGS'.

If there's anything you would like to see included in the future, please do send me an email with your ideas.

packed full of content

Alongside sharing my own knowledge, experience and journey, the magazine has many exclusive articles from menopause gurus and experts.

You'll find menopause medical information including HRT, nutrition advice and recipes as well as movement, mindset and motivation.

As it's a digital magazine, there are even links embedded into the pages so you can easily follow those you resonate with on social media or head straight to their websites for more information.

book recommendations

useful websites and articles

fave podcasts


symptom details

coaching advice


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want to be part of it?

I'm keen to only have original content in each issue and to that end, I'm now working with some hard hitters in the meno world who have generously agreed to provide exclusive articles. 


I have plans to make the magazine even bigger in time, including advertising and sponsorship. The proceeds of which would be used to cover the cost of production (ie my time) and a percentage would be donated to menopause causes. 


The key areas I'm looking for contributions in are:


  • Creation of original articles, primarily in fitness, nutrition, workplace, mental health and medical

  • Information on tested menopause related products or services

  • Sponsorship and advertising

for more details, read the contributors pack

get involved!

and there's more...


In addition, I'm always looking for contributions and suggestions for these regular sections:

The HRT Hub

Book Club

Spotlight on Symptoms


What's your story

Other resources suggestions


The Bigger Picture of menopause

Warrior Interview


other ways you can contribute

All back issues of the magazine are available as pdf's

Click here to view!


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