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media mastery

A monthly, themed digital magazine packed with advice, news, resources, support and real life stories. 

Modern and straightforward, the magazine full of energy and 'pausitivity'!

the menopausitivity magazine

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If sleep is your nemesis, stressful, anxiety inducing.... 


This membership has been designed with you specifically in mind. Each element of the program includes additional support for managing your menopause throughout each stage.


but I                


My overview

Sleep Solutions Cover3.png


sleepy science

sleep stealers

and sleep solutions!

This 6-week membership gives you all the tools you need to get your sleep sh!t sorted and build the foundation of your best midlife -

despite menopause! 

So if - it's time to get snuggled up inside the meno-sleep zone!. 

there's no bullshit here - no buzzwords - no fluff

Just straight talking, up to date information and my absolute honesty. 

I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Over the course of 26 weeks you will receive:


  • Initial sleep review call

  • 30min coaching call

  • A new recorded training released each week

  • A weekly quiz to reinforce what you have learned

  • A weekly challenge so you can put it into practice

  • Workbooks and other downloads related to each module


Plus all these bonuses:


  • Access to the community group on the app

  • Birthday Week journal template

  • Connected Confidence mini book pdf


(bonuses released within the relevant week of training)



You will also have the option of securing these extras at a heavily discounted price:


  • 121

let's break it down

stage 1 - the big sleep

Sleepy science

stage 2 - sleep stealers

This is where you'll understand exactly what works and what doesn't when it comes to Social Media. You will craft the ideal profile and bio, you will learn strategies to boost visibility, engagement and have a greater impact within the algorithm.


You will learn the importance of 'being you' on socials and why your story is so important. This will help you create more captivating content and attract your ideal clients to you.


You'll begin to define your DMO (Daily Method of Operation) to maximise your time and make everything you do powerful, effective and intentional.


You will also be given the basics for website creation and optimisation, automation and other tools that can help you get the most out of your time.

stage 3 - sleep solutions

Now that you have the tools to use social media effectively, it's equally important to know how to network correctly - without SPAMMING!


You'll learn the best ways to find your network - your tribe, how to develop your relationships with them, build the Know, Like, Trust factor and what to to say when it comes to actually messaging them.

the complete program
Membership Package.png

Here's exactly what you'll be learning, week by week...


W1: Clarity, Connection, Confidence masterclass


Stage 1 - THE BIG IDEA

W2 What's your WHY?

W3 Practical planning

W4 Mission & values

W5 USP & niche

W6 Personal branding



W7 Profile and bio

W8 Visibility, engagement & algorithm

W9 Share your story

W10 Content creation


W12 Websites

W13 Automation

W14 Other tech

W15 Time management

W16 Social proof

W18 Emails and messaging
W19 Find your tribe
W20 Relationship building 

W21 Mindset Mastery
W22 Intention Setting 
W23 The FEAR Framework 
W24 Levelling limiting beliefs

Stage 5 - LAUNCH
W25 When, Where, How? Promote! 

Stage 6 - GROW
W26 Strategy in flow, Next level!

hear from my clients

Your knowledge of Instagram and how it works is immense.


You repurposed my blogs into posts brilliantly and grew my audience by around 250% in just a few months.


I think your passion for helping women struggling with perimenopause shines through, as does your passion for making sure the subject remains in people’s minds and the spotlight and is never again brushed under the carpet and ignored.


I think you’re great and would absolutely recommend you to anyone needing to boost their IG following.

julia witherspoon - perimenopause nutritionist

and if you're ready

Sign up below!

get involved!

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want to be part of it?

I'm keen to only have original content in each issue and to that end, I'm now working with some hard hitters in the meno world who have generously agreed to provide exclusive articles. 


I have plans to make the magazine even bigger in time, including advertising and sponsorship. The proceeds of which would be used to cover the cost of production (ie my time) and a percentage would be donated to menopause causes. 


The key areas I'm looking for contributions in are:


  • Creation of original articles, primarily in fitness, nutrition, workplace, mental health and medical

  • Information on tested menopause related products or services

  • Sponsorship and advertising

for more details, read the contributors pack

magazine contributors pack cover
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