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I would love to meet you in person and these informal events are the perfect way to do that!

I'm delighted to be hosting these much needed events and soon, I'll be having guest speakers too.

menopause meetups


Come along to share your own story and/or give support to others.

I'll be focusing on the Shropshire area but if you don't have a support group near you and Shropshire is too far for you to travel - let me know and I'll do my best to come to you!

The next meetup is happening on Thursday 18 January at The Willows Cafe in Ditton Priors,

There's also a community group over on Facebook - feel free to join us there and connect with other Café guests!

Everyone welcome, all ages, all genders.

I'll share highlights from previous events here as well as how to register for future events.


The best bits - so far!

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