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If you need that little bit of extra support, guidance, knowledge or training - this is where I can really help you.

I am an accredited coach and certified in 'Confidence in the Menopause' by Dr. Louise Newson.


I have developed my own individual style and I believe no one shoe fits all so all of my coaching elements can be made bespoke to whatever you need in that moment.

this is where we go deep!



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I mentor purely from the heart - there's no hidden agenda or judgement here.


With my unique approach, extensive life experiences and compassionate coaching skills, I can empower you to be completely at ease with who you are, be brave and bold with your decisions and live your best (menopausal) life!


I have a variety of ways in which I can help you, be it 1:1 sessions, in-person talks, the online memberships or through my signature, bespoke

M-powerment Project.

I have created my own hybrid method so that I can bring the best of me, to bring out the best of you!

It's a combination of training (where I am giving you the information you need), mentoring (where we work together to find the solutions) and pure coaching where YOU are in the driving seat - I am simply holding your hand!

Whilst coaching is a fantastic tool, it very much relies on you digging deep to identify challenges and solutions for yourself. I'm there only as a guide, to bring out of you what you already have but don't yet realise.

However, sometimes we are not ready for this level of immersion and that's why I believe my method is the perfect opportunity to experience different styles so you can work out which is best for you long term.

But one thing remains constant no matter which style you prefer - my core pillars are present throughout...

clarity, connection & confidence.

And if you're not sure what you need or what might work best for you, book a Complimentary Clarity Call and we can discuss the options.

let's chat

Image by Michael Fenton

One of my big goals achieved


I feel absolutely privileged, and proud, to be able to share this with you.

I s
et myself an intention last year to get onto the This Morning sofa and here I am doing exactly that! 

Another step towards raising awareness and helping women who are struggling, especially with menopause at work.

And of course - true testament to how much my OWN confidence has grown!

here's a wee freebie!

Actually, it's TWO freebies!

I'm sharing these mini sessions with you, to give you a better understanding of how I work but more importantly - to see if you resonate with me, my style and what I can offer you.

These are live sessions I did on Zoom and Instagram where I go deeper into my core pillars...

clarity connection confidence



Get crystal clear on what exactly menopause is, which stage you are in and ideas to help manage the symptoms as well as a greater understanding of how it may be impacting other areas of your life.

Learn to embrace this new version of you, inner work to help you understand what's really going on with your body so that you can in turn, understand exactly what it needs.

This one speaks for itself! Gain a confidence in yourself like you've never known! Be confident in your new phase of life with the ability to share your voice, be heard - whether that's by your partner, your GP or by the world!



Individual 1:1 sessions are also available as well as in-person talks/training either as a one off event or on a repeat basis.

Just get in touch to find out more.

additional support

Onsite or online presentations, coaching sessions and Q&A

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My own books plus those I highly recommend

If you feel you're now ready for next level support, then one of my other memberships may be beneficial to you...

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