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Welcome to the COMPLETELY FREE membership!

Here is where you will find everything menopause specific, in terms of support, resources and guidance as well as access to my 9 Steps to M-Powerment self-paced coaching program (launching soon!).

free resources

menopause m-powerment

Here you will find clarity on your own menopause journey, start to rebuild self-connection and grow your confidence to feel m-powered in menopause!

Please feel free to dip in and out of the resources as and when you need.

Make sure you check in regularly as there will be new content and resources are always being added.

And if you find this membership useful, please do let your friends know as I'd love to help them too.

This membership will ALWAYS be free as I believe essential menopause information and resources should be easily available to all.

You are welcome to stay as long as you like or if you need extra support, do consider one of the upgrade options when you are ready for more.

Start here with the symptom tracker, learn the menopause 'essentials' and read some useful blog articles, catch up on the latest podcast episode, download posters for your workplace or book your complimentary Clarity Call if you would like to chat with me in person.

Or scroll down further for some additional resources you might find helpful.

coming soon!

The 9 steps to M-Powerment program!

what are the 9 steps?

I have designed a program which will take you through my 9 steps in a logical way, giving you bite size pieces of information and guidance to help you find your own sense of empowerment.

You will progress through each section, unlocking the next as you go. I have designed it this way so as not to overwhelm you - one step at a time.

You can however, move as quickly or slowly as you like and once you have worked your way through all sections, you are then free to revisit any of them at any time, in any order as you may find you need one section more than another.

Here's a summary of what you can expect...

Mindset - where you are at right now

Experience - what has led you to this point

Narrative - what are you telling yourself

Obstacles - what you have already faced, what's yet to come

Pain - it's inevitable but we will work through it

Acceptance - this is the real turning point!

Understanding - trust in the process

Self - reflection, revelation, reinvention

Empowerment - let the past go, build new goals, move forward and live your best life!

Perhaps you already have a wealth of knowledge and menopause specific support? If so, then one of my other memberships may be more beneficial to you... All three will be launching by summer  - register here to be kept up to date!

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