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Fit by 50 - let's start again!


Safe to say I've been absolutely RUBBISH with consistency, in fact rubbish with doing ANYTHING movement oriented since March.


This is my normal.

I get all gung ho about a goal or program, start with huge enthusiasm and within weeks I've all but given up.

I don't know why...

I want to be healthy.

I want to have more energy.

I want to feel 'better'.

And I know fitness is the answer.

But I STILL don't do it.


March and April have been very sedentary months and also filled with low mood and other menopause symptoms.

This, of course, does not help me WANT to move let alone actually move.

And here we are into April already, in fact, close to half way through and I reach my other 'normal'

Fed up and frustrated with myself!!


So much so that last week I decided enough was enough - it's time to change.

I remembered how much I love Jason Vale, aka The Juicemaster and all his delicious programs.

They're pretty much the only nutritional plans I can ever seem to stick to.

And whilst checking out his website, I spotted a plan I hadn't done before. Protein rich smoothies.

As I now understand, protein is especially important for us menopausal ladies and we should ideally be having 80-100g daily, more if we're working out too.

I'm pretty good at getting close to that amount each day, and about 90% is vegan too so I'm already used to finding ways to incorporate protein into every meal.

That said, my weight and body fat remains much the same.

Because I'm not moving!

So I decided to do something about that too!


My fabulous, and exceptionally patient trainer, Ania has agreed to let me share daily bite size movement ideas along with sharing the smoothie info.

And I've set myself a 21 day challenge!

The smoothie plan can be done for 7, 10, 14 or 21 days and as something I listened to last week said

Go BIG or go home

I decided to GO BIG!

I'm in for the full 21 days!

21 days also happens to be the optimum time required to make or break a habit.

I don't have many habits to break but I'm definitely in need of making some new, good ones!

And on top of that, here's to improving my overall health, fitness and mindset!


So this is DAY ONE (ok again lol) but surely it's better to stop and restart than stop completely?

If you want to follow along, check out my daily posts and reels on Instagram.

And if you want all the recipes, get your hands on the program HERE either in book, kindle or app format.

If you're stuck in a rut with nutrition and/or movement in menopause, send me an email and I'll send you some fantastic resources to check out.

I hope you enjoy following my progress - please do cheer me on from the sidelines, your support means so much!

And for those of you scoffing chocolate eggs today - gggrrrrrrr #jealous

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