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Empowering women with Clarity, Connection and Confidence

in the menopause as well as raising awareness and eliminating stigma!

Debs uses her personal experience, coaching qualifications and alongside expert advice from other industry gurus, she will enable you to embrace this 'new you'!

With Menopausitivity    , you will learn to love yourself again, find a new sense of purpose and unshakeable confidence to rock your menopausal years!

And when you're ready to have your voice heard - Debs will give you everything you need to share your own story and have an impact on the #menopauserevolution in your personal life AND your business life!

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Do you feel lost in the midst of chaos and confusion?


Are you struggling to navigate through midlife with ease?


Does it seem like you are aimlessly drifting, never fully engaged or present?


My mission is to help you to acknowledge and admit your current state so that you can reveal this awesome new menopausal version of you - even if that seems impossible right now.


What has led you to this website? It could be as simple as learning more about the menopause basics, or maybe how to forgive yourself and move forward one step at a time, to find your authentic voice, find a new level of confidence or connect to your true purpose…

Whatever it is you're searching for, you are probably feeling a

little scared right now - flooded with hormones and stress...


I do believe that acceptance is key - acknowledging all the changes

you are experiencing, understanding them and finding

ways to ease the stress in a way that works for you.


Once you feel more connected to this 'new' you,

your life can be one of authentic confidence. 


It's time for you to embrace your rite of passage as a woman!


Reclaim your voice, experience a deeper connection to self and

become the strong warrior you were always meant to be!​​

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Debi's Story

They say life begins at 40. 

Well I'm not sure about that but a massive shift in my life certainly began then. Of course, I didn't realise it at the time...

I had reached my career goal. I had fulfilled a personal goal, to travel around Australia. I was happily married. 

Until I wasn't… 


It took less than 3 years for my marriage to begin to disintegrate. I lost multiple jobs back to back. I lost my home. I was broken. 


And ultimately in December 2020 I was ready to give up on life entirely. 


Yet here I am a year later and I'm happier than I've ever been! 


How did this happen? 


Opportunity, decision and believe it or not - menopause! 


Although it may have been menopause that broke me initially - it was most definitely also the making of me! 


I barely recognise the person I was 12 months ago and at the time, it felt as though I had nothing to live for. Now I'm in the middle of a wonderful new adventure and it's already given me opportunities I couldn't have imagined. 

In addition to helping my beautiful clients, I've been featured in multiple press articles, magazines and guested on podcasts. It still seems surreal to be saying these things as it's a world away from the bad place I was in last year. 


I have unlimited confidence, I feel proud to be a menopause warrior and I'm truly grateful to be able to share my own voice. 


Raising awareness and eliminating stigma is now ever present in my life - it's my absolute mission!

In addition, I'm about to start hosting Menopause Cafes in the Shropshire area - a safe, informal space to meet other menopause warriors and support each other.

Whatever you are dealing with right now - I need you to believe it can get better. The light at the end of the tunnel might seem so far away but it is there. You just have to keep moving forward. 


My hope is that you can relate to my story and that this website might help you get through that tunnel, even if it's just a few steps towards finding your own menopausitivity.

In addition to my coaching accreditation, I'm proud to share that I recently passed an online training program created by Dr. Louise Newson - Confidence in the Menopause.

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Masterclass 2.0 coming soon!

And don't forget to...

Do your bit!

There are currently 2 major petitions campaigning for various changes to menopause awareness, education, treatments and other support.

You can help support these petitions and improve their chances of success!

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the bigger picture

Menopausitivity    isn't just about providing you with essential menopause information and support...

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The brand empowers women in so many other ways including 1:1 coaching, holistic and somatic therapies, social media and online business mentoring, magazine features, podcast interviews and a safe space within our community groups.

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