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Empowering women with clarity, connection and confidence.

Encouraging them to become brave, bold and badass.

So they can rock their midlife, menopause and beyond!

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if you're looking for judgement-free

menopause guidance or support in work and business -

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Developing strong mindset skills is at the heart of everything I do. I believe it's the key to making pausitive changes, having a pausitive menopause and living a pausitive midlife - this is MENOPAUSITIVITY! It will also set you up for life beyond the menopause transition - empowering you to live your best life and achieve your goals.

The support I provide is built around two key areas: your menopause journey and your entrepreneur journey. You might find you need support from just one or the other, or you may find you need elements of both to fully ROCK your midlife and beyond.

here's how I support you

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how I use my story

to help you change yours

My clarity

Now in post-menopause, I have a vast range of knowledge across all 3 menopausal stages and have experienced almost all of the 34 main associated symptoms, and then some!


My connection

Acceptance of this new stage of life and receiving the correct treatment totally changed my life! I can now fully embrace my own menopause journey and it’s why I now do what I do! I would love nothing more than to help you achieve the same thing!


My confidence

I used to struggle massively with a lack of self confidence. I hated looking at myself, hearing my own voice and literally ran away from the camera! Menopause only made that worse.

But through a combination of self development, mindset and finding my mission – my self belief and confidence is like never before!

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I'm 'Meno Debs'!

a little bit of my story

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Looking back, I believe I was in perimenopause by 40, however, it was not diagnosed until almost 6 years later. I just didn’t seriously think this was the cause of all my symptoms.


And they say life begins at 40!

Well I'm not sure about that, but a massive shift in my life certainly began then. Of course, I didn't realise it at the time...

I had reached my career goal. I had fulfilled a personal goal, to travel around Australia. I was happily married. Until I wasn't… 

It took less than 3 years for my marriage to begin to disintegrate. I lost multiple jobs back to back. I lost my home. I was broken. 

Ultimately in December last year I hit my lowest of lows.

Yet here I am just 3 years later and I'm happier than I've ever been!


How did this happen? 

Opportunity, decision and believe it or not -  menopause!

My aim is to help you find your happy, in a much shorter time, by giving you tools and resources which will be invaluable to yourtransition - something I never had at the time.

Menopause DOES NOT have to be miserable - arming yourself with the right information and support can make it much more manageable!

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'the making of me'

Although it may have been menopause that broke me initially - it was most definitely also the making of me! It gave me my purpose - to serve other menopausal women.

I've been featured in multiple press articles, magazines and guested on podcasts. I’ve even been on national morning telly! It still seems surreal to be saying these things as it's a world away from the dark place I was in in 2020.

I have created unlimited confidence for myself, I am proud to be a menopause warrior and I'm truly grateful to be able to share my own experiences, use my voice to empower others AND enable you to do the same.


I've worked with Debs previously, for branding and design so when I knew I needed to rebrand, I automatically went back to her. Initially, this time around it was for coaching… I was having some motivational issues around my business. Not only did she find my stumbling block (the tech) but she helped me:

* Get PAST my stumbling blocks

Then she:

* Reconfigured my branding

* Revamped my website and set up all the links, loaded programs, etc.

* Formatted my workbooks

* Consulted with me about all the legals

* And continues to over deliver at every step

And I am thrilled with the result!


My website and branding are so much stronger and better reflections of my personality and having all the tech parts working is a huge relief! I could not have gotten this far without her.

Having her take all the niggly parts and details off my plate was such a relief, so I could clear time for the bigger bits - my coaching!


If you need a coach, a branding specialist, a tech wizard… You need to seek out this genius!!!


Thank you Debs for all you do You freakin’ ROCK!!!  PS: she’s an absolute RIOT to work with… such FUN!

tamara rodriguez - health & wellness coach

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